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Eternal Lines File System (ELFS) is a file storage component for use with Delphi 5-7.

ELFS allows you to store multiple files and directories within a single file, much like files and directories are stored on a hard drive.

The operations available on the ELFS component is similar to an operating system's directory and file operations, for example: MakeDirectory, OpenFile, ReadFile and WriteFile.

ELFS is useful when your application uses a large number of data files. All the files are stored in a single file on the host system.

ELFS can be used for backup purposes. Files from the local file system, files from within other ELFS files and other information can be packaged into a single file.

  • Encryption.
  • Native Delphi code, no external libraries or controls required.
  • Delphi VCL component for rapid integration.
  • Delphi TStream implementation for compatibility with existing Delphi code.

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