Components: Hash Library 

The Hash Library is a collection of commonly used hashing functions.

Functions are available through a dynamic library (DLL) or directly from a Delphi source unit.

The library is free and comes with complete source code.

Hashing functions:

A hashing function is an algorithm for computing a (fixed size) condensed representations of a message. The message is the data for which a condensed representation is calculated. The condensened representation is more commonly refered to as the message digest.

Hashing functions are useful when an unique number, or fingerprint, is needed to represent a (large) piece of data.

Hashes are refered to as secure if it is computationally infeasible to find a message that produce a given digest, ie the reverse of the hashing process.

The library supports the following hashing algorithms:

  • Checksum (32 bit)
  • XOR (8, 16 and 32 bit)
  • CRC (16 and 32 bit)
  • MD5 (128 bit secure hash)
  • SHA1 (160 bit secure hash)
  • HMAC/MD5 (128 bit secure keyed hash)
  • HMAC/SHA1 (160 bit secure keyed hash)
Features of the DLL:

  • Small footprint, fast routines and little resource usage.
  • Support for well-known hashing methods.
  • Functions to hash a file, or part of a file, by file name.
  • Memory is securely cleared of traces of keys and digests when the hash calculation is complete. This prevents snooping in released memory for keys.

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